Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

I have long said that the IPCC are yet another bunch of useless overpaid civil servants who are only there the apologise and defend the Police. I've said it on this blog and in my book and NOW WE HAVE THE IRREFUTABLE PROOF. For in today's Times Newspaper they state in their Editorial Comments column that the killing of Ian Tomlinson by the Met Police was UNLAWFUL, as did the jury....God Bless them. If it were not for juries we the British Public would forever be treated corruptly by the Establishment and especially the Police.
Look at how the very same Met Police treated me when I gave them irrefutable proof that a conman namely Robert Busbridge committed gross and persistent acts of forgery and perjury, they refused to even investigate my allegations despite the masses of evidence I gave them. They even said I had not even given them any evidence at all. So their usual gross acts of persistent lying. They never even interviewed me despite commenting that they did not "UNDERSTAND" that evidence I gave them. What a shower!!
Then when you rightly complain to the IPCC you are then given the run round and then in the end they engage in a flurry of excuse making to paint what the Met did as whiter than white and nothing to worry about.
Now what has this got to do with the killing of Tomlinson? Very easy to explain that, as the IPCC as they do, had to "Investigate" that gross act by a member of the MET!! All of us in the country knew that this was yet another example of how out of control the Met are. They are nothing more than a bunch of thugs and crooks in uniform as are all the Police in this country. Not only thugs, but crooks in uniform, as well. The IPCC did exactly with that investigation as they did with mine. That is they backed the murderous actions of the Met up to the hilt and did not advise that the policeman should be charged and tried for it. So we all could see he needed to be brought to trial, yet the IPCC engage in yet another gross act of white washing and grovelling to the Police. WHAT A SHOWER!!

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