Saturday, 28 May 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

A few days ago I got the IPO pretending it was complying with the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act after I had reported them to the Information Commissioner for failing to give me copies of all the emails, records of telephone conversations or letters sent to the Met or the Dorset Police or the Parliamentary Ombudsman.
Initially they trickled out a few bits of paper from around 2004 which wasn't what I asked for. I complained to them and I got a few more from the time in questions but they were only copies of what I had already had,or about matters that were not what I asked for. In other words they were playing me for a fool once more, so I complained about them to the ICO.
They then with rapidity sent me a few more trickles of documents and I took them to task once more and this resulted in about a month ago, yet another exercise in duplicity. A few more documents that I already had and the documents I knew existed being ignored.
You may remember that the IPO had had emails sent between them and the Dorset Police. One I had got hold of clearly said that a guy called Hayward of the IPO was going to send an email answering questions the cop had asked him about me and my case. Obviously I needed to see this email as I can bet it contains explosive remarks which both the IPO and the Dorset pigs certainly do not want me to see. For if my intuition is right it will contain material that will incriminate both of the bastards.
So I sent this Julie woman another emails asking for this email. She sent me back an email this week saying that there are no more documents and that is that. In other words push off, that is your lot. Not answering you on the point about Haywards missing email. Of course all this is reported back to the ICO, but being yet another Government quango they will no doubt be all smoke and mirrors and will have no teeth as I have already commented on.
But what it clearly shows us is that all four bodies that have refused to give me what is my right to see only paints them black as black as they are clearly trying to hide material they know I can hang them with.....THE BASTARDS!!

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