Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


I have now got their decision letter about my complaint about the Dorset Police Service and them not handling my request for information under the FOIA and the DPA.
You will have to go back to my posts about all that and see the attached emails and letters from me to them and vice versa.
They behaved disgracefully in the way they handled my request and basically put two fingers up to me, which is the norm these days for the Police wherever. Even a complaint to their Chief and the IPCC as you will also know from previous posts got me absolutely nowhere.
This latest exercise in utter futility has gone exactly the same way. With yet another government department/quangoe refusing to act and siding with their bretheren fellow civil servants. The writer said that "It is likely that the DPS has complied with the requirements of the DPA" Now I don't know about you, but that is definitely not an unequivical statement made, because the writer has evidence they did. It is a wishy washy statement that one could say that equally it is unlikely they didn't. It is obvious that the ICO did not receive from the DPS any evidence that the DPS did 100% act within the requirements of the DPA, as I am sure if they had, they would have said so in a firmer statement. In other words we are giving the benefit of the doubt to the Police because that is how we work. We do not work on behalf of complainents (the Public that is) we work for our fellow civil servants.
All my evidence that I was treated like SHIT by this lying copper Shaun Waldbridge, by him failing to deal with my request in the laid down proper manner and within DPA/FOIA rules, was cast aside and ignored as usual.
Then this tosser Kelly Steen who wrote this garbage, further shows us all just how corrupt even her department is, by saying that the DPS 'appeared likely that they have provided you with the information held about you at the time of your request. Now as this simply did not happen we have to take it that again the ICO has seen no evidence that they did, because again they can only manage another limp 'well it is LIKELY etc etc' IT SIMPLY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED OF THEM. In any case the DPS had no personal documents or information on me, only the one or two emails in question.
Then Miss Steen compounds her uselessness by going onto state 'They have confirmed that the emails had been deleted by the time of your request'. Now what this is referring to is the ONE email I knew the IPO had sent DS Brimicombe, in which the IPO would have well and truly slagged me off and warned the DPS what a wanker I was and a trouble maker and not to have anything to do with me, let alone show me the email that would damn them all.
What you should know is that as soon as I had got hold of the email that told me that a further email would be forthcoming to the DPS from the IPO, I asked to see it. That would be within no more than a week or so of my getting from that Dickhead DS Brimicombe, a copy of the first email from the IPO to DS Brimicombe, because he left the email in my dossier. So are we to believe that the Police routinely get rid of all incoming emails within days of receiving them?...pull the other one. So it is yet more Police lying and the ICO going along with it.
This duplicitous Steen woman then goes into a protection mode of making excuses about how long organisations are allowed to keep emails etc before they trash them. We have to believe going on this case and what is claimed to have happened to that email, that it is only for a few days, and I simply do not belive that.
So what this means is that all three of my other requests to the ICO re the withheld documents, withheld by the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the Met Police and the IPO themselves, will end up the exact same way this has. Each organisation will trot out excuses,and the ICO will back them and defend them with a litany of lying excuses.
What makes me so mad with all the asshole government bodies that we the Public are supposed to be able to use to obtain justice against the civil service trash departments that fuck us about and lie to us and side with the very people we are complaining about, are all sitting there in their vast offices all paid for by the Public purse. They consume millions of pounds of our money doing absolutely nothing. Shuffling peices of paper around making it look like they are seriously taking up complaints. When all the time, all it is is window dressing, smoke and mirrors to fool us that indeed there are organistions that will help us when we get done over by lying, usleless, duplicious civil servants!! What a cesspit of inequity the Establishment of this country are. I have said it before and I will say it again. There is no democracy in this country, no freedoms and we really live in a country no better that any dictators country or any banana Replublic. Yet these ASSHOLE POLITICIAQNS RANT AND RAVE AT THE ASSADS AND GADAFFI'S OF THIS WORLD WHEN THEY DO TO THEIR PUBLIC THE SAME AS WE REALLY DO TO OURS. The only difference is that here the asshole Politicians do it in a much more sophisticated way. They do not bump people off or make them disappear, but they just block any attempts to use the systems we are told should give us JUSTICE. It all goes back to what I have said time and again....IN THIS ROTTEN COUNTRY YOU ONLY GET JUSTICE IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT!! EVEN THEN THEY CAN STILL BLOCK YOU IF THEY WANT, BY JUST MAKING SURE YOU WILL GET A JUDGE WHO IS IN THEIR PAY LIKE JUDGE HOBBS.....(Refer to my previous posts on him and how that bumbling oaf Clarke refused to investigate his corruption (despite the evidence) and the way he manipulated the appeal hearing he was supposed to hear, in collusion with the IPO, so as to block my getting justice and showing how corrupt and useless the IPO really are.)

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