Monday, 18 July 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


If you have been reading all the publicity over the weekend about the Met you will know that the head of this useless and corrupt shower, Paul Stephenson has resigned. So he should and this is the ***t that ignored my letter to him about the corrupt goings on between his men at Camden and the IPO. The conniving and colluding in order to stop me from getting justice over Busbridges criminal activities.
You will remember also that both corrupt bodies refused to release to me the incriminating documents that would have proved that they were corrupt and indulging in ILLEGAL ACTIVITES by colluding together to deny me justice.
So I am heartedly glad he's gone the *******d. I hope he and that other twerp Yates, rot in hell, but then both will still get their gold plated HUGE pensions etc and will now be able to live the life of Riley, so they will not mind one bit, I am sure!
THE DICTIONARY STATES:- CORRUPT...lacking in integrity,open to or involving in bribery or other dishonest practices, putrid or rotten....CORRUPTION, the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt...dishonesty. So those of you who probably think I use this word with gay abandon, think again! I think that my constant use of this word is entirely justified, as I use it in the context of describing the goings on of ALL the government departments that I have been forced to have to go to and then have to put up with their rotten acts of corrupt practices.
Certainly the Met are the most corrupt police force in the UK and always have been . However other forces are also corrupt too, like my local force the Dorset Shower. Not many people in Dorset have much good to say about them, either and you should read my link to the website called Dorset police.Then you will see some of the goings on they get up to. Same as the Met but on a smaller scale.

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