Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


A few posts back I told you about how the Information Commissioners Office had dealt with my complaints about the IPO, the Met and the Dorset Police had refused to release to me documents that had been created after I had asked the Police to investigate Busbridge for forgery and perjury.
Of course the ICO are EXACTLY the same as all other quangoes and departments set up by government to give the illusion that if you are steam rollered over by a government body, you can at least go to some commissioner or other body to get redress. ITS ALL A SHAM AND NON OF THESE BODIES DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN PROTECT THE VERY BODIES YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT.......this is laughingly known as DEMOCRACY!!! If you believe in these bodies then your stupid and should be put away for your safety.
I know that the IPO sent DC Brimicombe of Dorset Police an email in which they supposedly gave him advice on whether perjury and forgery had been committed in their hearings. I know that because this oaf of a slimeball copper, told me he'd received this advice. Now how did he receive it?.......obviously through the email that the IPO said they were going to send him with this advice on it!!! Isn't that crystal clear? Yet it isn't apparently to the ICO. The IPO gave me copies of various emails etc but not this crucial email which they refuse to even comment on. The Dorset Police told the ICO that it had been destroyed so that proves its existence.
Yet in their latest letter to me today the ICO say "there is no strong evidence that it holds the disputed email now, if indeed it were ever held"
Now that statement just shows you how cynical these bastards are. First of all the IPO gave me copies of emails etc dating back years, yet miraculously now the ICO are hinting that this ONE EMAIL may not be around anymore! If it isn't then it has been cynically destroyed by the IPO so they cannot release it and this being the same as the DPS say they did to it. (If either ever did do this)
Then the cynical ICO hint that it just may be a figment of my imagination, and one has to ask, where did they get that idea from???? Yet why would the IPO tell Brimicombe they would send him this email with all the info in it that he'd asked for, and then not send it and why did this man then tell me he'd got all this info off the IPO and because of what he was told he would not investigate Busbridge. No doubt he was also told by the IPO I was a trouble maker, a nuisance, a nutter etc etc ad nauseam!! Hence why both the IPO & the DPS refused to let me see this email and now we have the ICO even saying they doubt it ever existed.... the bastards. So how can anyone have any faith that they are neutral and not as corrupt as all the other bastards in this story????
Then of course let us not forget that there was also another document, either a letter or an email that the IPO would have sent the Met in which they gave the same advice on me and all those hearings and whether perjury and forgery were committed.
The ICO ignored that complaint by me when I complained about the Met, just like they have done with the IPO & the DPS......what a corrupt shower.
These latest documents from the ICO to me and mine to them will show you all and will be put on this blog along with all the other documents.
This latest letter from the ICO was in reply to my complaint to them about their decision document of the 12th July, in which they exonerated the IPO and the DPS of all that I had complained about. I complained that many things I had said had been ignored and that I wanted them to answers my questions about that. Of course what happens when you ask specific questions to civil servants THEY ALWAYS IGNORE THEM AS IF YOU'D NEVER EVEN ASKED THEM. You will see this on those documents as I have notated on the copy of my letter where these questions have been ignored. You will also see that both the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Acts are a completed farce and another con on the Public of Britain. You can ask for documents but if they will incriminate any civil servants you will not get them and you will be fed a whole bunch of excuses and be given so called parts of these acts, that allegedly give them the right to withhold what you seek. SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF THESE ACTS, I ASK????? Also you would have to be a good lawyer to know if what they tell you about these alleged parts of the Acts, are actually the truth or just made up. So they know that you as a non lawyer, will never know if you are being conned.

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