Thursday, 15 December 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

The IPO or Intellectual Property Office which is yet another governmental body of asshole civil servants who are never wrong and who have things so well wrapped up that no one member of the British Public (apart from rich ones)can ever get Justice against, when these bastards decide they are going to do you over.
This is what this whole blog is about (in case you haven't been reading it from the start in 2008). They of course decided for reasons best known to them that they would allow a conman to steal all my IP, thus ruining my whole life. (as outlined in this blog).
Now, on idly searching the web under "Complaints against the IPO" I could see website after website set up by these assholes. ( I make no apology for calling them assholes, either) Amongst the many websites they show are some that highlight that if one is not happy with the IPO, there are procedures by which one can make complaints about them. Seeing that you would think that this is all very fair and you will be safe.
Let me tell you the truth. I have used these so called safe guards many times and they are a con on the Public. They are a set up and designed to go through all the motions that a complaints procedure is being carried out, but the outcome is predetermined against you ever winning. No Sir!! I have even complained to their CEO's (three different ones at different times as they seem to change them frequently)Even though I laid out in very clear terms with evidence, that I had been dumped on and that the IPO's own laws had been disregarded and broken, most of what I said was ignored and the rest twisted so as to appear that nothing wrong had ever happened. So you get nowhere. AND there is really no way you can appeal to anyone 100% INDEPENDENT!!
You can ultimately complain to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, but what in REALITY is he?? Well they would have you believe that they ARE independent, but they are LIARS. For all these people are, are yet ANOTHER BUNCH OF LYING, CORRUPT AND TWISTED CIVIL SERVANTS only there to protect their fellow civil servants. For they do exactly the same as anyone in the IPO does and that is ignore your evidence of wrongdoing, make loads of excuses on behalf of their brothers in arms and all this takes 6-9 months before you get your inevitable whitewash letter rejecting all your complaints and evidence. WELCOME TO JUSTICE 'BRITISH STYLE' RUN BY THE VERY PEOPLE YOU PAY TO KEEP IN EXISTENCE, IN THEIR CUSHY JOBS WITH EARLY RETIREMENT ON HUGE PENSIONS....THEY ARE ALL ASSHOLES AND SHOULD BE AS JEREMY CLARKSON SAID....SHOT IN FRONT OF THEIR FAMILIES. (For Treason and crimes against the British Public)

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