Thursday, 24 August 2017

Corrupt Police & IPO- how they aided a crook


These thoroughly despicable bastards are the ones responsible for the start of this blog back in 2008 when one of their thoroughly corrupt  law officers, a one Mr James, aided by another corrupt bastard HOBBS QC, from the Treasury Solicitors. They ran a corrupt bogus appeal hearing which was nothing more than a cosy meeting between them and my arch enemy, my criminal ex agent for my cars.

They spent, it must have been at least 2 hours, not carrying out a bona-fide appeal hearing he'd asked for, but in any case, had no legal rights to have one, but giving him many tips and advice as what to do to circumvent the last hearing he'd lost to me. When I managed to wheedle out of the IPO the transcript, I could see all the corruption that had gone on at that meeting. So started this blog to get it out into the open and expose all the bastards, including the police who refused and in connivance with the IP, to investigate all the criminal acts, despite a shed load of documentary evidence that I gave them.

Well in the last year having got myself into a position where I had not much else to do, I started thinking back to this infamous meeting dressed up as an appeal hearing. Plus how I simply could not find a  way to get justice. For quite some time ago I decided that trying to run a campaign which would deal with ALL the corruption seen in 7 hearings, was going to be too big a task. When I only needed to concentrate on the one which tipped the balance against me. That was this bogus appeal hearing held in 2005 and before a person designated as an Appointed Person....sounds grand doesn't it but is far from actually being grand. For this bastard HOBBS QC, aided and abetted by the IPO's head of their law section, a snide by the name of James. They got their dirty and corrupt heads together and concocted a method whereby they could do me out of my 'Registered' trademark; 'Viper'.

INDEPENDENT? It was a question that beat upon my brains for many a year after that fateful event in 2005. I'd worked out that for some reason the IPO did not want me to have that Mark, but why? So recently I have been going through all the papers with a view to now get retribution and do that by getting those two criminal civil servants into a court. Not an easy task when the Establishment is doing everything it can to stop me as they always do. All shown in past posts where I have reported all my efforts to the newspapers, TV investigative programmes, the Justice Minister, law firms and Uncle tom Cobbly an all. All with no success so far, but I'm still not defeated completely.

Now after spending a lot of time reading all the evidence documents and the transcripts of the 6 hearings plus that bogus meeting/appeal and right up to the last hearing in 2010, in which the IPO completed its campaign to strip me of my legally owned Trade Mark. I have now at last seen what the bastards were upto and their reason. The reason was there staring me in the face-in the transcript of that last corrupt hearing in 2010. This hearing was heard by a Mr Salthouse, an obvious bully of a man, hand picked to do the ultimate dirty deed they'd wanted since 1998 to do against me. Who walked all over my expensive lawyer, a wimp who did not see it or stand up to him.

Mr Salthouse said right at the beginning that the IPO were fed up with this long running case and wanted an end to it and he hoped  that this would be the last hearing. Of course he knew that after the IPO had done their dirty work and stripped me of my trade mark, the only way I'd ever get real justice was to take it to the High Court and they knew I did not have the money to do that. So way into his all his words, he said to my lawyer this pearl of a statement:-

" I am afraid that in the past certain actions of the Registry (IPO) have been proved to be wrong. I would not like to hold too much stock by the fact that we made that decision and therefore that is cast in stone. I regret that we have been overturned too many times to make that the case"

To put that into context, my lawyer had just pointed out to him that I had obtained my registration
based my honest use of the mark (since end 1985) and by the way, well before Chrysler had started to use the same mark on their sportscar; IE that at my opposition to Chryslers application to register my mark, held in 1998 it was honest and the IPO had decided that. I point you to two words he said; 'that decision' so what decision is he talking about? My lawyer was talking about only 'one decison' and that was the decision to grant me the registration of the mark after that 1998 Chrysler hearing. So now you see that this corrupt IPO man was saying that that was a mistake, which 'was not cast in stone' In other words it could be 'overturned' and that is EXACTLY what these bastards then went and did, through this man carrying out their corrupt actions in his decision document. In which it has to be said, was full of waffle and obviously did not OPENLY SAY THAT THEY WERE TAKING IT OFF ME BECAUSE THEY'D MADE THIS MISTAKE BACK IN 1998. OF COURSE THERE WAS NO WAY THEY COULD OPENLY ADMIT THEY'D MADE A MISTAKE AND THIS WAS HOW THEY WERE RECTIFYING IT.

What one has to also understand, is this; if the IPO really had made a mistake in their decision at that 1998 hearing, then why did Chrysler not IMMEDIATELY get it into the High Court to rectify it? THEY HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD TO DO THAT AND THEY WERE USING A TOP LONDON IP LAW FIRM TO REPRESENT THEM. Yet they never did this and just sat on it for 4 years and did nothing and then gave up when I pushed them. So that makes you wonder why did the IPO think their decision was 'MISTAKE', because Chrysler obviously did not see or think that and make an appeal about it?? So there are still questions to be asked here as to why the IPO still decided to wrest my mark off me, right after they gave me registration? That started with their corrupt 2004 hearing and up to their corrupt and bogus alleged appeal hearing before HOBBS QC and rumbled right up through 2 more corrupt hearings,  to the last corrupt hearing in 2010 before this Salthouse-an IPO goon.

One would be forgiven for asking why I did not click onto that statement made by Salthouse. At the hearing so many words are uttered you cannot take it all in and when I was reading the decision document I could see early on in it that it was going against me. So I just skipped over the words knowing anyway that all was lost and so the document was just filed away. It was some time before I got a copy of the transcript and even then I never read it thoroughly as the hearing was well and truly over and the dirty deeds had been done. I could not as my lawyer begged me to, take it to the High Court, as I had no money to do so. So it's been registered to the criminal Busbridge and it damns the actions of the IPO ONCE AGAIN AND TO DATE THEY HAVE GOT OFF WITH IT. They should know that its not all over yet as there are still a number of avenues I can go down....which I damn well will do so.

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