Monday, 28 January 2019

Corrupt Ministry of Justice-AGAIN

In past but fairly recent posts, I chronicled my efforts of complaining to the MoJ, that one of their employee Barristers, a Hobbs QC, who is viewed as the top Barrister in the Intellectual Property world and all matters to do with IP, cynically set up in conjunction with the top IPO legal man, a Mr James, a bogus alleged 'Appeal Hearing'.

Why set it up, is the question anyone would ask? Well it became clear after the dirty deed was done in 2005, that for some reason the IPO after confirming back in 1996 that I had legally proved my right to the Trade Mark 'Viper', (and this done for me by legal IP experts) had made 'A MISTAKE. They cynically said so at the last Tribunal Hearing in 2010...."we had made a mistake" and their way of 'correcting' this alleged mistake, was to subject me to a great number of corrupt actions, which started with the bogus appeal hearing and was absolutley pivoyable in governing all that happened after it. This was the ONLY WAY they could play enough dirty tricks that would eventuate in their ability to finalise their long held wish to strip me of my legitimately proven 'right' to that T/M. That they for some reason didn't want me to have. I have several theories as to why they felt this way, but how do I prove them??

So that bogus hearing or as I prefer to call it 'a meeting' had to be set up the way it was. For they had determined that the only way they could carry out the dirty tricks they had in mind, to 'wrestle' back my T/M, was to 'ADVISE' the little crook who had set his eyes of stealing that T/M (so he could sell it for £500K to Chrysler) and steal my well known sportscar manufacturing business, making a copy of my Cobra Replica which I had called 'VIPER'. (For those who may think I had copied the AC Cobra exactly-think again-for my chassis bore no relation to the AC and was Jag based, and the body was also quite different. It was more of a look-a-like than and exact replica, yet Busbridge copied my car 100% with no differences.) They simply should not have allowed his request for an appeal against the decision that had gone against him and given by a Hearing Officer called Landau. For the crook Busbridge, his criminal game was really over. He had no legal bona-fide rights to any sort of appeal, yet they gave him one. WHY???

They could hardly tell him;  'come to the IPO HQ and we will give you a bucket full of legal advice....all shonky of course-which will enable you to get out of the legal corner you are now in'.....could they ?? But they could and did as I say, illegally give him this shonky appeal hearing, which would enable them to come face to face with him and this all dressed up as a bona-fide appeal hearing. But once that cynical and bogus meeting started, they never carried out any pucka appeal hearing at all and that can clearly be seen if you bother to read the transcript of it which can be seen at the right hand column on this blog. All you will see is 47 pages of legal advice giving which is strictly forbidden, yet they obvioulsy thought......"Who is going to know all this and who can do anything aagainst us as we HAVE THE POWER" .....BASTARDS.

Why else did they refuse me attendance (illegally) of this meeting? Why else did they not tell me that I could have attended as a member of the Public.?? Why else did they refuse, despite my asking many times over 15 months as did my MP, where is the decision of what we thought had been a pucka APPEAL HEARING??????? They lied through their back teeth each and every time....IT'S ALL THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE AND THEY EVEN LIED TO MY MP, SO CONFIDENT WERE THEY THAT NO ONE COULD TOUCH THEM !!!!!!

Eventually I was told that the appeal had been droppped by Busbridge after he'd been given all that legal advice and told what to do, which included dropping the BOGUS appeal. The IPO said they would then go on and help him to carry out their's all there in the transcript which they never thought I'd get my hands on. Of course this all explains the extraordinary lengths involved thereafter and including others in the Justice Establishment, who have for 8 years now tried to bury all this and cover it up.

You will have seen my recent efforts to get the MoJ to take legal action or at least see that legal action is taken against Hobbs for his criminality. You will have seen their lies and squirming, to get out of it by claiming they have no jurisdiction to 'do anything' That they will not even say why they have no 'JURISDICTION !! This even the Parliamentary Ombudsman, who are set up to make sure that all government departments act legally and competently and so on, they have also lied by saying they cannot make the MoJ take action, when that is CLEARLY NOT WHAT I HAD ASKED THEM TO DO, AS WHAT I HAD ASKED, WAS "JUST ASK THE MOJ TO EXPLAIN WHY THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION OVER ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES?" ITS JUST MORE SQUIRMING AND TRYING IT ON.

If one reads the MoJ website you will see it is clearly stated in their various boasts of what they are about and that all the lawyers and Barristers that work for them in their arm of justice, called the Government Legal Department, are employees.  Not as elsewhere in the justice system where Barristers cannot be touched, as they are completely independent of anyone (like Judges). Thus this gives them the ability to carry out such illegal activities as Hobbs did and with absolute impunity.
However as I state, as Hobbs was not independent like that, so he should be answerable to his bosses- the MoJ.  For his criminal behaviour at that bogus held meeting, dressed up as an appeal hearing. Hence why the MoJ simply refuses to answer my questions and is obfuscating and lying in order to fob me off and cover it all up.
I am going to one last time write to the snake oil salesman, a Mr Jake Hancock,of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, a supreme lying shit who terms himself as a 'INTAKE CASE WORKER' but in reality is just a pen-pushing jerk whose job is to FUCK UP ANYONE with the temerity to try and expose the one bastard in this government department, who should be in jail!! I will AGAIN TELL HIM I WANT AN ANSWER AS TO WHY THE MOJ HAS NO JURISDICTION TO SEE ONE OF ITS EMPLOYES FACE THE LAW OF THE LAND ?????? AFTER ALL ISN'T THAT THE JOB OF THE MOJ....AND TO SEE LAWS ARE OBEYED AND 'JUSTICE IS DONE AND BE SEEN TO BE DONE??????

I got a reply from arch snake oil salesman, Jake Hancock, in which he simply said he couldn't add to anything he'd already said in his last letter where he covered up for the MoJ as stated above. Again he chose to ignore me saying that I'd asked him to get the MoJ to state why they had no jurisdiction and I'd not asked him to get the MOJ to take action merely to answer a simpls queation.....YOU SEE THIS IS HOW THESE ASSHOLE CIVIL SERVANTS WORK: You ask a simple question they don't want to answer as it will give the game away, so they change it slightly, to you asking something similar but quite different and then they can make their lying excuses. You can go back a HUNDRED TIMES pointing out what they've done, yet they just either ignore you or tell you to go away, or they just repeat their lying excuses ad infinitum. 

Members of the British Public are being denied legal aid to bring such cases as mine, or ANY cases re ANYTHING except of course if you are a criminal juts like the recent case of that young bloke who got his girlfriend killed in his speed boat lark. He failed to turn up at his court case for manslaughter and wnet to Georgia. YET THE LEGAL AID BOARD GAVE HIM LEGAL AID TO FIGHT AN APPEAL WHILE HE WAS ON THE RUN !!!! tHIS IS THE BARMY COUNTRY WE LIVE IN . My case has ramifications for the justice system and therefore is IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST to be held and exposed.THIS IS HOW OUR MUCH LAUDED JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BEING RUN IN OUR BROKEN COUNTRY. No wonder they are doing everything to hide it, cover it up and so on. ARE YOU PROUD TO BE BRITISH????


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