Monday, 1 April 2019

Corrupt Government Legal Department Pt 3

In my last post I told you that I had sent into this shower a comprehensive Formal Complaint against Hobbs QC. With documentary evidence to back up my allegations. This was quite a hefty set of documents as I included copy of the 47 page transcript of his corrupt meeting when he carried out all his unlawful actions.

They are supposed to deal with such requests within 20 days and true to form it took well over that for me to get their excuses and whitewash letter dated the 12th March. This was a one page letter with 5 very short paragraphs/sentences. In short like their letter, they merely denied they ever employed Hobbs or for that matter that they had ever sent him to the shonky IPO hearing. They even had the cheek to lie that they even supplied what are called Appointed Persons to hear Appeals on behalf of IPO Appellants.

Of course I have a letter from the IPO that puts that lie to rest because they confirmed that they get their A/P's off the GLD. What liars these civil servants all are.

So obviously I have now sent in a complaint about all this to the CEO of the GLD and Mr J.Jones
and that is where I am now at. No doubt it will either be ignored or whitewashed again

I would put onto this blog on the right all of the letter together with all the supporting documents that went with it. However it is all far too long and in any case a lot of it is already to be seen on this blog. IE the Transcript is on, plus the Barristers opinion document  and they say it all or most of it all. I will in due time show the reject letter and any response I finally get, if any.

I have also sent yet another letter to the Sunday Times (already asked their Editor to stand up to his claim they investigate such stuff, but the bastard never even acknowledged let alone contacted me for the full details and evidence. Thus proving that our National big newspapers are all part of our Establishment cover up machinery, because they simply will not expose our corrupt justice system with all its corrupt and useless Judges and lawyers like Hobbs.

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