Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

In my last post I talked about a Georgina Downs and the problem she was having with another Government department and the six year she has had to endure fighting the lousy bastards over people being poisoned by insecticides. She won at the High Court and as I said the bastard government appealed. Today I heard that bizarrely she has lost that appeal.
I tell you that trying to get Justice against politicians and their lackey civil servants AND THE JUDICIARY is absolutely impossible. The hell with JUSTICE it simply does not exist in their minds. Apparently all the evidence she put forward at her High Court win was not even considered at the appeal and the useless judges hearing it, only would listen to evidence that someone else has come up with. (which no doubt coincided with what the Government wanted to hear) How corrupt is that, and how bizarre, as she rightly pointed out.

It's like I said, people like her and me just cannot win and right now I am having the same old trouble with the Intellectual Property Office refusing to answer my highly embarrassing question that they do not want to answer. Way back in my posts I told of the hearing back in 2005 when a hearing officer called Landau found for me and said that Busbridge should lose the trade mark, as it should not be renewed as of 1999. He appealed that decision but dropped the appeal. In any other world that would mean that the decision would then be enacted. It wasn't, and Busbridge then went on to engage in other means of attack. What he did should have had no bearing on that original decision.
Put it this way, if someone is accused of murder, is found guilty, then appeals, but for reasons known only to them, drops the appeal, do you really think he would be allowed to walk free? No way, he would be sent to prison to serve the original sentence. (More like he would stay in prison as he would never have been allowed out anyway, even to appeal) That is not how the IPO work.
I have sent some emails to their Law Section to ask why it was the decision was not carried out
and all I have had is the Head of that section playing silly buggers with his answers. He is obviously unwilling to answer the questions at all.
I also posed the question as to what their procedures are when perjury is committed by Busbridge in a recent written statement of evidence he made in trying to now get my registration made invalid. I told him that I had the transcript from my criminal case in 2000 when I was accused by Busbridge of perjury and forgery, which I was found not guilty, in which Busbridge admits to several points made by my barrister, and yet in his 2005 sworn statement to the IPO, he tells the opposite, knowing full well he is lying. Would this bloke answer that....would he hell. Prevaricates and pretends he doesn't understand the question. So I continue the battle for TRUTH and JUSTICE.
Next stop if they will not come up with the answers, is my useless MP again, and this time it will be in writing so I cannot get the heavo after 5 minutes is up at a personal meeting, like last time. That letter is going to be VERY blunt.

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