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Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


Now that the Leveson enquiry has reached the point where a top woman Police Officer has just reported facts that I have been saying in this blog for three years now; that all government departments are steeped in corruption because too many of its officials have been up to their necks in corrupt practices. Mainly by taking back handers from the media and others.
Well tell us something new is what I say. Of course in my case they have been corrupt in that way, I am sure, and in other ways which I have highlighted in this blog and my book, over and over again. Now this is all out in the open I feel that I must now put forward my own ideas that I have had for a long time, as to just how the IPO have been corrupt over the 20 year history with them.
So here is what I feel is a real and feasible explanation as to why they acted against me and went to the ends of the earth to see me stripped of my IP in the Trade Mark Viper, I so obviously and legally owned. One has to go back to the beginning of my blog and see how things started off. The reason Busbridge tried to prove he owned my Mark Viper, was simply because he found out that Chrysler wanted to register that mark for itself, starting with their application to register it in Jan 1990. They did not realise that I had been using it since Jan 1986 and therefore had prior usage and the first claim to it, but I had not registered or applied to register it. However this did not negate my rights to it and Chrysler simply did not do their homework and search everywhere as to if someone else was using it. Or they thought they were so powerful they could brush aside people like me.
I feel that when Busbridge contacted them, it is entirely possible that they then did do some exploring of the UK car trade and if so, they would have seen straight away that I had a powerful claim to it and that Busbridge DID NOT. He was unable to produce ANY evidence that he had used it IN ANY WAY prior to Feb/March 1988 when I licensed him to use my mark as my London agent.
I believe that they then decided that the easiest way to get rid of me was to use Busbridge to smear my name with accusations that I had committed forgery when I produced a copy of the license I gave Busbridge in 1989 a proof that any claims he was making that he owned the mark were a lie and completely false. He of course colluded with them over this.
One also has to take into consideration that Chrysler are obviously an American company and so many such companies are thoroughly corrupt and will do anything to get their own way. Understand this if you will; they had made their Viper sports car in the States and then they decided to sell it in Europe. No American company would do that if they did not expect to be able to sell many Vipers. They would not have taken such steps to just sell a few and to be able sell they would need to register the Mark Viper in ALL the European countries. In all the countries in Europe they would meet no resistance to doing this as no one else was using the mark there. In the UK they met resistance from Busbridge in the first instance and then me when I found out what he and they were up to.
I believe that they thought that if they first of all got rid of me with the help of Busbridge, then they would have no trouble to get rid of him as he was standing on quicksands as he could show no evidence that would be accepted as real proof as to his bona-fide ownership. To do this they had to get my opposition to them registering the Mark, heard first.
The trouble for them was, that I believe that the IPO should have actually given Busbridge first shot at opposing their application, as he applied before me to oppose them. Now the thing was they did not do that but gave ME first shot and the hearing in 1995 was held with them using Busbridge as their supposed witness against me and using these false allegations of forgery. Why did this happen in this order, one has to ask?
So the most likely way they did this was through the London based Intellectual lawyers that Chryslers were using at that time. Throughout all the time I have been involved in this thoroughly corrupt tale I have seen that many intellectual property law companies are up to their necks in it with the IPO. I do not believe that when you have a situation were lawyers are in constant contact with such a governmental organisation as the IPO, that they are not going to make cosy alliances and arrangements with the IPO. This so that cases can be conducted in an easy alliance in such a way as can only be done in such a place like England. Let us not forget that we are dealing here with the UK Establishment, with its Public schoolboy set and their "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours" and all that kind of stuff. IP lawyers will want an easy life and so will the civil servant lot in the IPO, who in the top ranks will have similar backgrounds to their lawyer buddies in the law firms.
So I believe that Chrysler will have told their lawyers to fix it so that someone high up in the IPO makes sure that the rules are bent in Chryslers favour. WHAT OTHER EXPLANATION IS THERE FOR THE IPO TO HAVE PUT ME IN FIRST TO OPPOSE CHRYSLER WHEN BUSBRIDGE SHOULD HAVE BEEN OPPOSING THEM FIRST????
However to get the IPO to direct me to have my opposition application heard first is against their own rules as the first application should be heard first, but had that happened it would have almost certainly failed for Busbridge for as I have said he had no case. He would have then been cast out of the way for good and then Chrsylers would still have had to deal with my bona-fide application with its strong irrefutable evidence of first usage of the mark.
If you read all the evidence of what has gone on since that first fateful opposition hearing you will see time and again that the IPO and its corrupt officials have taken steps to thwart me. Breaking the rules again and again. The only possible explanation for the perplexing questions of; "why did the IPO make all these corrupt actions just to make sure I had my registration taken away from me after I had gained registration"
You may say "well you did gain registration and so how did that happen of the IPO was so corrupt and in the pay of Chrsyler?" Well you see that hearing which Chrysler thought they had in the bag, actually went against them. I believe that the hearing officer who heard that case in 1995 was not obeying orders to find against me and that put the cat amongst the pigeons. ( you might say he was an incorruptible civil servant) Why do I think this is what happened? Well you have to look at a few remarks that have slipped out along the way and have been made by IPO officials. Like the remark that was made by Judge Hobbs to Busbridge in his later hearing where he colluded with the IPO head manager, a Mr James, to swing that hearing totally in Busbridges favour, give him all the corrupt help and ideas as to how he should proceed so that the IPO could then swing things around and back to his favour and enable him to proceed and complete his stealing of my trade mark. He (Hobbs)alluded the the travesty of that hearing of mine against Chrysler, in 1995 and what he really meant was that it had not gone the way that Chrysler and the IPO had wanted it to. The hearing Hobbs heard, you will see if you have read all this blog or my book was heard because another straight hearing officer actually, at yet another hearing found for me a pointed out that Busbridge had no rights to the mark and for several reasons. So Busbridge had to appeal this or get knocked out completely AND the IPO just had to find reasons and ways in which to correct matters for them and Chrysler. They set this hearing up with a thoroughly in their pocket Judge,to advise Busbridge how he could take steps to circumvent the previous judgement that he lost and thus get back on track and that way the IPO could swing things their way and for him and Chrysler. Thus getting rid of me at last.
Because of that cock of me winning the 1995 opposition hearing against Chrysler, the IPO had to go through the motions of giving me registration and then find reasons to take it back off me. (you will have to read all the history to see how all that was done and why.) I believe that someone high up was paid a back hander and it could have been more than one person that was paid off by Chrsyler, no doubt through their lawyer, and this too meant that all those implicated would be scared shitless that they would be found out. That would mean that it was imperative that they destroyed me and my business, so as to get rid of me. You can see that this was on their minds by the remarks the hearing officer made in that last hearing in 2010 when they completed their dirty deeds and against all the overwhelming evidence against them and Busbridge....and stripped me of my legally registered trade mark.
You can also see how the IPO have worked to stop me getting Justice when they colluded with the thoroughly corrupt Met Police to block my attempts to get the Met to investigate the forgery and perjury of Busbridge at ALL the 8 hearings that took place and the Trial I had to undergo in 2000.
You may say that I am dreaming and making all this up and these kind of things just do not go on. If you think that, then it is you who is the dreamer who simply is not living on this planet. For now it is all out and quite clear just what goes on with all the rotten corrupt civil servants, the Police and especially the Met Police, who have been taking bribes for years off the media and others. If they are capable of doing that, then a simple case of taking back handers off another corrupt American global company who will do anything for the bottom Dollar, is complete chicken feed and VERY probable. For the facts of this case contains so many FACTS that are inexplicable and can only be explained by something having gone on in such a way as I have outlined above and in my book "Justice Denied" and other places in this blog.

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